Our Story

Here at LOLA we understand the need for quality, functional furniture that just WORKS! Not only does it need to be functional and ergonomic for people of all shapes and sizes it needs to look good while doing it.

We created LOLA to promote a healthy lifestyle and forge a new way of active working, which we feel is an important part of today's shift towards working from home.  Our solutions aim to alleviate pain while increasing productivity, and wellbeing.    

Studies show that inactivity accounts for as much as 95% of all back pain, more specifically from sitting at a desk with incorrect posture.  Inactivity is also linked to heart disease, diabetes and general fatigue among desk workers.  Inactivity is a growing concern for organisations worldwide, which is increasing the demand for movement and ergonomic furniture.

As the home is increasingly becoming more of an office we feel furniture needs to take on a more flexible role.  Our homes and apartments are getting smaller and rooms are often used for a variety of tasks. Therefore the furniture needs to fit in with the home aesthetic while still serving its purpose. 

Today’s fast fashion and consumerism can often lead to cheaper materials and lower quality. At LOLA we want to create products that last, enabling users to form a connection.  All components are sourced from Denmark, and right here in Australia to ensure a high quality product. Additionally all components are metal to metal connection, (no wood screws) which means they can be disassembled time and time again without losing structural integrity.

Our attention to detail is matched by our commitment to sustainability.  LOLA is proud to offer products that have been appropriately sourced, manufactured and packaged by processes which hold the required greenstar certifications FSC, GECA, and low emission worktops. 

Embrace the urge to experience our ‘Artful at home office collection’ by LOLA.